Free UK delivery on all orders, plus we plant a tree with every product sold!

Sustainability policy

Our number one mission: Plant as many trees as possible!

We have already pledged to plant at least one tree for every product we sell. However we feel we can do more. Therefore, we are also going to plant enough trees each year to cover our business's carbon foot print with the aim to being certified as climate positive. In other words remove more carbon out of the atmosphere than we put in. We feel the best way to do this is by planting trees. We want to help and inspire you to do the same, so we will continue to do research and share what we find in our blogs and on our social media channels. 

We plant out trees with Eden Reforestation Project.  

Some extra things you can do to help us plant more trees.

  1. Sign up to our newsletter and we will plant a tree for you. We also have an ongoing competition for you to win 100 more trees planted in your name for signing up.
  2. Write a review of the product you have bought and we will plant another tree for you.  
  3. Take a selfie wearing your #oriorapparel products and use #plantmeatree, and we will plant a tree. 
  4. We use as our search engine. Ecosia plant a tree for every search you do, you can install this on your computer browser or download the app.   

    Our second mission is to be an ethical, sustainable brand.

    We are working with suppliers and using products which all have the relevant certifications.  All our garments are made from GOTS and Soil association certified 100% organic combed cotton, or recycled material (more on those later). Produced in Fair Wear certified factories and are PETA certified Vegan. 


    Our third Mission is to close the circular economy

    This means recycling clothes to make more clothes. We do have a couple of products which use recycled materials already. As we grow we want to offer our customers the ability to post us back their clothes they have finished with and we will recycle them into new clothes or other cool stuff. For the time being you can of course give your clothes a new life by donating them to charity shops, homeless charities or sell them online. Or you can have them made into something really cool check out fab.brick.  

    What we are achieving already

    1. We are donating to the Eden Reforestation Project to plant a tree for every product you buy, thus offsetting the carbon used to produce the product. 
    2. We pledge to use packaging which is recycled, reusable, combustible, and not excessive.
    3. Our business is only powered by energy from renewable sources, such as wind, and solar.
    4. All our products only use 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS, and recycled materials. 
    5. Everything is made in a Fair Wear certified factory.

    What we are working on 

    1. We are working towards all our packaging being plastic free. 
    2. We are committing to being a certified climate positive company. Which means we will plant enough trees each year to offset our business carbon footprint (something we are already doing), and hoping to become certified, so you can trust we have achieved this.  
    3. We will continue to research ways in which we can make sustainable choices that help to further protect the plants. Sharing what we find with you, so you can choose to do the same if you wish.
    4. Closing the circular economy. So you can send us back your old clothes to be recycled into new clothes or products.