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Fair Wear - what does it mean and why does it matter?


You will see the term ‘Fear Wear’ all over our website, but what does it mean?

Fair Wear is an organisation dedicated to changing garment workers rights in the fashion industry. We have all heard the term ‘sweatshop’ used to describe work conditions in some of the garment factories in developing countries. As well as hearing the horror stories over the years of how people work for little or no pay to produce some of our clothing. There have even been instances of child labour and exploitation. The good news is Fair Wear is working to change this. They work to eight principles of employment which aim to treat workers fairly, giving them a safe, dignified, working environment; something many of us take for granted.

So what does this mean for Orior Apparel? We've made a pledge to only sell garments that are manufactured in Fair Wear factories and that adhere to these eight principles, which are:

Employment is freely chosen
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
There is no discrimination in employment
No exploitation of child labour
Payment of a living wage
Reasonable hours of work
Safe and healthy working conditions
Legally binding employment relationships

We pay a small premium which is passed on to the workers who can now properly support their families. It’s really important to us that we protect the planet for the future, but it wouldn't be right for us to not protect the people who make our clothing too. You can find out more about Fair Wear on their website 

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