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Becoming Climate Positive... the journey starts

 Planting edible plants

We launched Orior Apparel with an idea...  Plant trees to reduce our carbon footprint and help/encourage others to do the same. Why? Well because like it or not climate change is real and we felt we needed to do something about reducing our carbon footprint. We have two young daughters and want to leave a better, safer, earth for them and their children. Trees are one of the most efficient and effective ways we can reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and store it long term. So the more trees we plant the better.  There are lots of other reasons planting trees is a great idea but more on that in another blog. 

Beach plastic

As a family we have been working towards a plastic free and more sustainable lifestyle.  If Greta Thunberg has taught us anything it’s that one person CAN make a difference and we all need to do more. We have found that joining the ‘sustainable community’ has led us to meet lots of new and interesting friends and one in particular really made me stop and think with a question they asked me?

 Francesco is a student who runs a page on Instagram called @upcycledways and sent us a message saying ‘I've decided to write to you because I want to create a real relationship with every follower that I have got, and you aren't an exception! 😂.

Naturally I couldn’t resist and we struck up a conversation. Francesco is amazing, no small talk here, just big questions and one hit me harder than the rest,

 ‘What was the biggest trouble/problem you have ever had when trying to become more sustainable?🤔.’ 

My guess is for lots of people the answers will often be: financial or convenience. For me it was knowledge of alternatives.  If you want to be sustainable and reduce your plastic use, there are alternatives to everything you can think of. As a family we just didn’t know enough about these products or where to find them.  Luckily @upcycledways is a great resource for this, so be sure to check them out on Insta. Francesco has a lot of posts with advice on how you can live more sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint. 

At Orior Apparel we have you covered when it comes to more sustainable fashion choices.  We plant a tree for every item you buy. We also plant trees for you if you, leave us a review, share a selfie in your product and use #plantmeatree or subscribe to our newsletter. You can also very easily plant tree using two free apps which are:

  1. TreeApp which shows you a different advert for a sustainable eco based products and then you can plant a tree for free afterwards (I’m at over 20 so far). 
  2. Ecosia is a real game changer.  Ecosia is a search engine that plants a tree for every search you do. I’ve found it to be just as good as Google and we have made it our default search engine and have already surpassed 100 trees.

Find Upcycled Ways here: 

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